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Bigg Boss Tamil Vote – Real Time Big Boss Tamil Results [Live]

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 – 2019: Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 is about to start and all the Tamilian Bigg Boss lovers are very excited for Tamil Bigg Boss Vote Online!!

I know you are going crazy about Bigg Boss 3 and willing to watch Tamil Bigg Boss Season 3, right?

Actually, Bigg Boss Tamil lovers have some queries regarding season 3 so, I thought why not solve out lovely audience’s queries.

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In this post, we cover all the following topics:

  • Bigg Boss Tamil Vote
  • Bigg Boss Tamil Contestants
  • Bigg Boss Tamil Winner
  • Bigg Boss Tamil Elimination/Eviction
  • Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Weekly, etc

Tamil Bigg Boss Details 2019 (Season 3)

Show Name Bigg Boss Tamil
Broadcast Star Vijay
Language Tamil
Genre Reality Show
Host Kamal Hassan
Timing Weekdays:- 9. 30 PM – 10.30 PM
Weekends:- 9 PM- 10 PM
Release Date 2019 (Updated Soon)
Contestants Given in the list below
Prize Money ₹ 50,00,000

Guys, actually Bigg Boss Voting and elimination play a most important role in this reality show. So first, we start up with this!!


First of all, check out some facts about Bigg Boss Tamil.

What is Bigg Boss Tamil?

In India, Bigg Boss started 11 years ago in the Hindi language. This reality show gained a lot of success because of the new concept and it also earned instant fan following. But here we are talking about Tamil Bigg Boss!!

So, after gaining huge success in the Hindi language. The team of Bigg Boss launched this reality show in different languages such as Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannad.

Bigg Boss Tamil is a reality show which broadcast in Tamil language. Tamil Bigg Boss was originally released on 25 June 2017 and aired on Star Vijay TV network. Till now Bigg boss successfully completed his 2 seasons in Tamil language and now it is on its 3rd season.

The 1st season of Bigg Boss Tamil was premiered on 25 June 2017 and ended on 30 September 2017. The show was hosted by one of the biggest personality of South Indian Film Industry Kamal Hassan.

And the 2nd season was released on 17 June 2018 and concluded on 30 September 2018. The 2nd season was also hosted by Kamal Hassan and aired on Star Vijay.

As you know in Bigg Boss, Voting and Elimination plays an important role!! So, here we are going to describe to you about Bigg Boss Tamil Voting. But first have a quick look at Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Contestants!!!


Here I’ll tell you the names of those candidates who will join the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Contestants


Guys, these contestants are not confirmed we got this list from our secret resources. So, these are the rumor contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil 2019.

Have a quick look at the list given below…!

Contestants Name Profession
Sree gopika Actress
Saran Actor
Sanchita Shetty Film Actress
Dhanya Balakrishna Movie Actress
Chandini Tamilarasan Actress
Anthony Daasan Singer
Mayilsamy Comedy Actor
Nanjil Sampath Indian Politician/ Public Speaker
Swathishta Krishnan Actress
Iniya Actress
Pooja Devariya Actress
Ammu Abhirami Actress
Anjali Actress
Prasana Indian Film Actor


Here I’ll tell you Tamil Bigg Boss 3 Vote Process along with Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Voting Polls. But first of all, you have to know why voting is necessary in Bigg Boss.

There are 16 contestants who live in the house of Bigg Boss. And each week, few housemates among all nominate for eviction. The candidates who selected for the nominations would face public voting.

Now, viewers have to vote for nominated contestants. At the end, the contestant who gets the lowest votes has to leave this house of Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Season 3 Process

Here below I’ll provide you 3 easy ways for Tamil Bigg Boss 3 Voting. So, quickly check out the following ways and vote for your favorite contestants.

Bigg Boss Vote NowBigg Boss Vote Now

1.) Bigg Boss Tamil Google Voting.

2.) Bigg Boss Tamil Missed Call Voting

3.) Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Voting Through our site

Step-by-Step Guide on Big Boss 3 Vote through Google

  • First of all, type “Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online” or “Bigg Boss 3 Voting Poll” or “Bigg Boss Tamil Voting” on google.
  • After this, it will show you a public voting poll of nominated contestants of this week.
  • Now, you just have to vote for your favorite contestant whom you want to save.
  • Bigg boss allows you 50 votes per week and you can also split your votes into multiple contestants.
  • Make sure your G-mail account should be sign-in with Google.

Btw, if you want to be a part of the show then you must check out bigg boss tamil registration & auditions 2019 details.


Bigg Boss Tamil Missed Call Voting

Here we come up with one of the easiest way of Big Boss Tamil Vote i.e. Bigg Boss Tamil Missed Call Voting Process. Yes, this process is very easy and simple and you can put your valuable vote by giving a missed call on your favorite contestant’s number.

Call Now

Below you can check our Step-by-step guide on Missed Call Bigg Boss Tamil Process. Not only this, I’ll also provide you an exclusive list of Missed Call Numbers of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Contestants. So, have a quick look at below.

But… First, check out the list of Bigg Boss 3 Contestants Missed Call Voting Numbers!!

1. First, check out the list of nominated contestants of this week.

2. Then, select the missed call number of your favorite contestant whom you like to vote.

3. Now, paste that number on the dialing screen of your phone.

4. Now, Just give a missed call on that number by clicking on the Call button.

5. That’s It!! Your vote will automatically cast after cutting that call.

Note: Bigg Boss Tamil allows you 10 calls per week which you can also split different contestants.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Results

Here I’ll provide you the voting results of Bigg Boss Tamil season 3. Once public voting poll close and Vote count by the Bigg boss staff members we’ll declare the Results of Bigg Boss Tamil Voting this week.


    Elimination or Eviction is one of the most important part of Bigg Boss. We can also say that it’s backbone of Bigg boss because with the help of Eviction, Bigg Boss decides the winner name of the current season. 

    Who will eliminate from bigg boss tamil 3 today

    Who will eliminate from bigg boss tamil 3 today

    The result of eviction based on the Nominations and Public votings. It is really simple, the contestant who gets the lowest number of votes will be eliminated from Bigg boss and has to leave this beautiful house of Bigg Boss.

    You can check the names of eliminated contestants given below in our list of Bigg Boss Tamil Elimination Today. Currently, the show has not been started but once it starts we’ll add the name of Evicted contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil 2019!!


      Here I’ll tell you the name of contestant Who will win Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Winner Trophy!! Not only name, I’ll also tell you brief information about that contestant. So, quickly check out the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Winner Name before Kamal Hassan’s (host) Announcement.

      Bigg Boss 3 Winner Name Bigg Boss 3 Winner Name

      Once all the Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Counts by the staff members of Bigg Boss Tamil they will tell the name to the host of Bigg Boss. At the end of Bigg Boss i.e. Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Finale the host will be announced the name of Bigg Boss Tamil Winner Season 3 in Audience or on the show means Star Vijay Chanel.

      Bigg Boss Tamil Previous Winners

      • Season 1 Winner: Aarav won the show and Snehan was the 1st runner up.
      • Season 2 Winner: Riythvika won the show and Aishwarya Dutta was the runner up.

      Rules and Regulations For Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Online (2019)

      • You can save your favorite contestant of Bigg Boss from elimination with the help of “Google Voting” & “Missed Call Voting”.
      • Tamil Bigg Boss allows you 50 votes per week on Google Votings and 10 Missed Call per week on Miss Call Voting Process.
      • All the votes count under the staff members of Bigg Boss Tamil 3.
      • The contestant who gets fewer numbers of votes has to leave this reality show as well as the beautiful house of Big boss.
      • 16 Candidates will join Bigg Boss Tamil season 3 and live under 60 cameras in this show more than 3 months.
      • The contestants will not be allowed to use any device like Phone, TV, Internet, Social media, and Calls inside the bigg boss house.

      How To Watch Bigg Boss Tamil Live 2019 Online

      How To Watch Bigg Boss Tamil Live Online 2019

      Here below I’ll tell you 3 best ways to watch Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Live Online from anywhere. Yes, you heard right you can easily watch Bigg Boss Tamil from anywhere & anytime with the help of following ways:

      • Watch Bigg Boss 3 Tamil on Voot App
      • Watch Tamil Bigg Boss Live on Hotstar
      • Watch Bigg Boss Tamil 3 On Jio Tv App

      Watch Bigg Boss 3 Tamil on Voot App

      Voot Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Live




      Voot Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Live

      • First, all you have to Download Voot App from here>>Android | iOS
      • Then, just Sign In or Sign-up on Voot.
      • Now, search for Bigg Boss Tamil 2019 Live or Bigg Boss Tamil 3
      • Now, click on the “Watch” button.
      • That’s it!! Watch and Enjoy Bigg Boss Tamil for Free.

      Watch Bigg Boss Tamil 2019 Live On Jio Tv App

      JioTv Bigg Boss Tamil 2019 Live (1)



      JioTv Bigg Boss Tamil 2019 Live

      The Best Way to watch Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Live on Mobile is Jio TV App.

      • First of all, Download JioTv App from here
      • Now, Enter your Jio Mobile Number or Jio ID for Sign-in into this app.
      • That’s it!! Once you Sign-in in this app you can easily able to Watch Bigg Boss 3 Live on your mobile.

      Note: Keep in mind, This process is only available for Jio Users and if you are not a jio user then continue reading below :).

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      S.No Name of Participant Number assigned
      1 Geetha Madhuri 7729998801
      2 Syamala 7729998802
      3 Ganesh 7729998803
      4 Bhanu Sree 7729998804
      5 Babu Gogineni 7729998805
      6 Tejaswi 7729998806
      7 Roll Rida 7729998807
      8 Deepti 7729998808
      9 Nutan Naidu 7729998809
      10 Nandini 7729998810
      11 Tanish Alladi 7729998811
      12 Deepthi Sunaina 7729998812
      13 Amit Tiwari 7729998813
      14 Sanjana Anne 7729998814
      15 Samrat Reddy 7729998815
      16 Kireeti Dhamaraju 7729998816
      17 Kaushal Manda 7729998817
      18 Pooja Ramachandran 7729998818